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ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000:2004, CE

Rotary or “screw” compressors are employed for any industrial, heavy-duty or high-use compressor need and are the most environmentally-friendly option. Those made by AUGUST COMPRESSOR are the world’s most cost-effective and are so for numerous reasons, but the bottom line is this: for design, quality, safety, reliability, service, and energy savings we’re equal or superior to any top brand yet less expensive. We’re the market’s number one value – “you just don’t know us yet.”

In fact, at AUGUST COMPRESSOR we don’t aim to merely ship products – we deliver solutions. By deep study of actual end-user needs and full use of comprehensive feedback, we achieve true continuous improvement in all major aspects inside and outside of the company. That means better performance in research, design, development, manufacturing, sales and service – as well as vendor and client relations – among other areas. Those consistent gains are in turn achieved through ever-improved communication, processes, and management.

More than that, AUGUST COMPRESSOR leverages several unique advantages. We share a strong company culture, deep experience, and vast resources with our parent holding company XINDA GROUP (see our BRAND STORY for deeper insight into AUGUST and XINDA), yet have our own in-house R&D team and a total of more than 300 technical staff. Like all XINDA companies, we also nearly exclusively use imported machinery and equipment in our lab, on the shop floor, and in QC. Virtually all parts and especially any key components are manufactured in-house to ensure both precision and consistency.

AUGUST capital investments total more than $73 million USD for solely for equipment and capability upgrading (including $7 million+ USD for test facilities), and 20% of profits are reinvested annually solely for R&D. Moreover, our talented 1,300 staff members work in facilities more than 210,000 m2 (2.3 million ft2) in size, meaning our abilities are comprehensive and extensive. AUGUST’s fine customers can therefore rest assured that “we get it right… and then make it right time and again.” In fact, we “get right” more than 40 patented new compressor designs each year, many incorporating recent scientific advances that all XINDA GROUP SUBSIDIARIES glean from extensive, close work with research institutes in China and abroad.

AUGUST brand compressors are already sold through partner distributors – who provide after-sales service and parts in their territories – in East and Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and Algeria. Rapidly growing popularity of our brand, however, is leading to fast growth and we are actively seeking authorized distributors in more European, Middle Eastern and African countries along with Russia and the Americas. Regardless of where you are, we warmly look forward to having you as our next customer or distributor of AUGUST compressors.

Brand Story

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” as the saying goes, and that is certainly true in the case of AUGUST COMPRESSOR. XINDA GROUP and all its subsidiaries, AUGUST COMPRESSOR included, share a strong company culture with many powerful advantages and special characteristics. They are numerous but include flexible yet forward thinking, an eye towards constant development, and a steady “finger on the pulse” of market demand. Combined with true continuous improvement through excellent communication processes and accurate feedback, AUGUST and all XINDA companies solve problems for clients and end users alike.

That venerable expression applies to the founding Zhao family as well. When starting the company many years ago, industry pioneer Zhao Jikang already knew well the problems typically facing “second generation” companies around the globe, and especially in China. He therefore set out to make sure his sons, like he himself, were directly involved in production from the beginning. Indeed, starting in their teens and for many years, they worked as machine operators on the factory floor, side-by-side with front-line staff. Those who know China manufacturing, of course, are well aware that most Chinese top management is far from “hands on,” let alone their children.

In delivering top-notch heavy use compressors, AUGUST is aided by many other common traits with XINDA: strict application of Six Sigma principles, extensive use of a top-notch ERP system, and – also quite unlike most Asian enterprises – a tolerance for failure. What Zhao Jikang and sons know well, along with all great entrepreneurs around the globe, is that people only learn through mistakes and experimentation. Yes, the final product must be consistently perfect but our work flow, products, communications and so forth should all be under constant tweaking and redesign. In these ways, XINDA is able to unleash true originality and creativity while putting in users hands only the most reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Yet all those fine features aren’t enough. The Zhao clan is also mindful daily of the fact that like any complex machine or organization, you’re only “as strong as the weakest link.” Looking within oneself and one’s company is important, yet looking outward to clients and end-users is also. What’s more, critical to AUGUST is XINDA’s extensive collaboration with research institutes around the world to ensure a regular injection of the latest scientific breakthroughs into new compressor designs.

All that said, what do clients actually say about us? They would tell you that the claims above are not only true, but understated. That there are sound reasons why the AUGUST brand is becoming renowned internationally. They already know what you are about to discover: that AUGUST COMPRESSOR and all XINDA branches routinely exceed expectations and promises. That’s why “clients are all talk about our action” …

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