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MP series PermanentMagnet VSD Compressor

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000:2004, CE

All AUGUST compressors are world-leading options when shopping for the best long-term value in a high-performance screw (rotary) air compressor. Our Variable Screw Air Compressors, however, are the most energy and cost efficient of all. With regular use, the additional investment required versus a standard AUGUST compressor (already 10% more efficient than most choices on the market) is recouped within two to three years.

Variable frequency capability in an air compressor means a more precise output. This not only saves on electricity, but for many applications is a welcome or even critical advantage from a functional standpoint. It also allows for a steady, stable increase and decrease in power which helps to assure a long life-span for the compressor, but again is also a great advantage with respect to many end uses.

Of course, these compressors retain all the other compelling bonuses of AUGUST products: high-end function, reliability, energy savings, reduced emissions, long-life, timely after-sales service, and the best return on investment the market has to offer. Not to mention that those advantages are guaranteed - two years overall and five years for the rotors, rotor housing, and all related parts.

The entire rotor assembly carries an extended warranty for good reason, as they are an item of particular AUGUST expertise. Though R&D and manufacturing for all components is strict and thorough, rotor technology has been given a special priority over the years as it is the key to high-end air compressor performance. With a lead time of just 30 days, you can get that fine technology on-site, to work, and saving money for you right away …

MP series PermanentMagnet VSD Compressor

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