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PD Series Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryer

CE safety certification with multiple overload protection

Technical Design

With high quality refrigeration compressor, performance can be maintained

Pre-cooler, evaporator and water separator of PD series refrigeration dryers are all following all-in-one modular structure design .The aluminum alloy materials are specially treated to be highly corrosion-resistant and it protects finished gas from second contamination.

Nanometer anticorrosive coating on the surface of air condenser makes surface dust cleaning easier and extends its service life

Heat exchanger introduces European and American advanced plate-fin structure. High efficiency heat of exchange enables the temperature difference between inlet and outlet of the pre-cooler to maintain in the range of 8 - 10℃, which not only ensures the low outlet relative humidity, but also avoids condensation at the outlet.

The pre-cooler recycles almost 90% of the cooling energy, as a result, the evaporator load is effectively reduced and the energy consumption of refrigerant air dryer is greatly reduced.

High efficiency external WS (water separator ) ensures excellent PDP.The design, with the parts of the dryer being tested separately, greatly eliminates the leakage risk.Main refrigeration parts are introduced from internationally renowned brands enjoying reliable performance.

PD Series Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryer

RSG Series Compressed Air Filter

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