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RSG Series Compressed Air Filter

Technical Design

All compressed air without purification contains oil, dirt and water and etc, these pollutants are resistance for the modern industry to enhance product quality and improve labor efficiency. RSG series compressed air filter is a kind of fiber filter;the filter element is made of imported high-quality glass fiber, which can effectively remove the pollutants in the air.This series of filter is divided into thread connection(aluminum alloy shell) and flange connection (steel shell).

Overall design RSG series filter elements adopt special anti-leakage technology,assuring filtering effect.

Good non- corrodibility RSG series filter shells adopt anodic oxidation treatment for its surface.

Good hydrophobicity of filter material RSG series filter elements adopt genuine boron silicate glass fiber of American HV brand with small mist rapidly,and reduce pressure drop.

User- friendly design with flange shell Flange shells adopt user-friendly design, convenient for replacement of filter elements

RSG Series Compressed Air Filter

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