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RSXW Series Heatless Compressed Air Adsorption Dryer

CE safety certification with multiple overload protection

Technical Design

Being configured with stainless steel diffusers at the inlet of adsorption tower, it makes uniform air distribution and prevents tunneling effect in the tower.

With ceramic balls fully filled at the bottom of adsorption tower, not only adsorbent can be protected from soaking at the bottom and get longer service life, but also air distribution is made much more even.

Special customized adsorbent can ensure best dew point.

All series heatless adsorption air dryers are configured with high performance pneumatic valves as standard.They are sensitive and the pressure loss is low.

Pneumatic control air supply comes with standard high efficiency oil removal, dust removal filters, extends control solenoid valves’service life, and ensures effective operation performance.

Dew Point Operation System( DPOS) for optional, able to prolong adsorption time under the condition of fluctuating load, can greatly reduce the comprehensive energy consumption.

RSXW Series Heatless Compressed Air Adsorption Dryer

RSG Series Compressed Air Filter

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