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ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000:2004, CE

Throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Southern Africa, and Latin America AUGUST portable screw air compressors can be seen being used for road and building construction, on railway and conservation projects, at drilling and mining sites, as industrial electricity backup, and for numerous other uses. What accounts for their strong and growing popularity? The answer is simple: all the same powerful advantages all AUGUST compressors offer.

There’s a long list of those advantages, but first among them is ROI - “return on investment.” Yes, buying a compressor shouldn’t be looked at as an expenditure, but rather as an investment since either directly or indirectly it is in fact a tool to achieve some other production. AUGUST compressors, moreover, have energy savings of 10% or more over comparable brands. Combined with great output, function, reliability, and long life it isn’t surprising that so many corporate purchasing managers have AUGUST at the top of their list

Rotor (“screw”) and rotor housing technology is where AUGUST really stands out. Research, design, development, and manufacturing on nearly each component is done within the company - though extensive collaboration with outside research institutes occurs. Rotors, though, have always been a particular area of focus and pride.

Backed by great after-sales service, solid warrantees (five years on rotor parts) and a lead time of just 30 days (except for custom-made compressors) AUGUST portable screw compressors are undoubtedly your number one selection. Whether for emergency, or more routine heavy-duty use AUGUST saves time, saves energy, saves money, and saves the day …

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