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Double Stage Compression Screw Air Compressor

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000:2004, CE

Given so many choices on the market, why buy an AUGUST screw air compressor? Top quality places us in the top-tier, but exceptional value places us above the rest. Other leading compressor brands are well-established, but can’t come close to our cost-efficient production. Any other manufacturers with comparable pricing, though, can’t match the great designs, reliability, energy saving, long-life, and high performance of AUGUST compressors. We’re the “last man standing” on your list, and that will be certainly true for our stationary screw air compressors.

A critical component to compressor function is the rotor, and AUGUST’s designs and technology of those parts is in fact tough for any compressor producer in the world to challenge. Both R&D and production of rotors - like virtually all our components - are done in-house to ensure each line is better than the last, and better than anything the competition is offering. Great design and parts, moreover, is also key to the energy and cost savings end-users receive - 10% or more over other brands.

Both quality & after-sales service are guaranteed for all AUGUST compressors. Those great rotors, in fact, are specifically warranted for five years. It’s not hard to see why then that they’re widely used around the globe, and putting the AUGUST name on the map. Whether for machining, mining, shipbuilding use, water conservancy, or energy automobile, cement, textile, food, medicine, highway, railway or urban construction AUGUST screw air compressors are a “no brainer.”

SF-II Double Stage Compression Screw Air Compressor

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